Watching that Six Degrees of Separation

To the extent that Six Degrees of Separation holds true, I guess said separation needs to be heeded. I need to keep the separation between personal, family, and general audience oriented stuff from other entertainment and shared/shown content.

I’ve gone back and forth over the years, consolidating family and general natured content with that of more restricted and controlled stuff, then separating, consolidating again, and yet again separating. Consolidation into one place provides the ease of admin and maintenance, and an easy way to slyly link one side to the other within the bounds of restrictions (both family and NSFW oriented for instance). It works from that standpoint.

The hard part, then, is how people I may want to invite to the higher groups for more shared access. On the flip side of that coin is people coming to this site as strangers to me. WTF I say, WTF!

Err on the side of caution and privacy I guess. Separation. Keep the six degrees intact. At least on the public facing/outside view. Within restricted, controlled, and mutually confidential surroundings, no separation needed. No matter how close the association, so long as we’re for real across the table.

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