Undetected affair for decades

Question: Have you been having an undetected affair with your neighbor for decades?

I’ve been having, tho not recently, a periodic sexual adventure with an old girlfriend. Not a neighbor where us meeting and having regular opportunities to get together were there. We live thousands of miles apart. She is an airline flight attendant. Whenever I travel on business, she would arrange to have her flight routes changed to fly into airports that I am closest to, and on her overnight stay before flying back come meet and spend the night with me. Or, if her travel took her thru my location, I’d go see her in her hotel room while she is on her layover/rest stop.

Nothing emotional really, well, kinds but we know her and I will never have “a thing” of permanence, but more physical and for old times sake.

I’d try to coerce my wife into a FMF threesome since we do MFM, but wifey doesn’t particularly care for this ex-gf of mine… the old GF/and my wife being my GF had conflicts going back to our teenage and high school days where jealousy played a lot into the relationship between them as related to me… and wifey won’t let go…

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