Thoughts of wife sharing

Ehh passing thoughts after seeing this. I’d venture to say that while many get into partner sharing, particularly husbands sharing their wives with other men, in younger years while just starting out in their marriage, there are many more who get into or continue naughty marriage acts when older, more established in life, after kids and raising the family, and just have fun.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of wife sharing

  1. I don’t know if my problem or the site but I opted in for the email notification subscribe. I am getting it but images in them are broken, can’t see them unless I go login to see the actual post. Is that intended?

    1. It’s visible on the site. The post was made with ‘relative’ links to the images and not the entire https:// —– link reference, so it’s a valid relative link on the site itself. Not sure if you’re up on the techie part of we posting.

      So it’s working as it should, and was my choice of how I linked the pics based on how I always do it… up until I put in the email notification thing and doesn’t show pics in the emails themselves. Guess I’ll change that in the future and put the entire link from now on…

      Unless I want users to specifically come to the site to view… coz some stuff I don’t want out in everybody’s email..

    2. Hahaha kind of like when my grandmother talked real fast to me in Chamorro. Catching certain words but not understanding all of it!! Okay got it!

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