The next day’s conversation

Lynn and I fucked last night. It was energetic and frenzied, given that we had just had a good adventure the night before. We did a lot of talking while in the act, mostly about the previous night. As always I asked her a lot about how she thought it went and what she liked.

It was exciting but rather edgy, him being the brother of a relative’s husband. Family might find out if he doesn’t keep it to himself. But that’s also what thrilled her. He had a large knob… mushroom head I’ve heard it called. She said she could feel his head with every stroke. She enjoyed the different “method” of his fucking. She’s had guys who bang her hard, deep, and fast. She’s had one who was that slow, rhythmic gyrating grinder. This man was slow stroke but toward the end of his inward thrusts he would push, almost jerk/thrust, hard, and then outward pull slowly. His cockhead touched her deeply and she loved it.

I asked he is she would want to fuck him again. She replied, “Oh yes, oh yes I would.”

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