That FB group we live on

Just venting here, posted this in the FB group. Don’t know what TF this Facebook groups is doing, had one pic in a album with my name for a long time, now I tried to upload more and they not showing up, done it 4 times. Only see 1 pic but album says there are 6 inside. Anybody have ideas?

One thought on “That FB group we live on

  1. That’s why I always tout, for myself anyway, my preferring to share anything of any consequence on this blog. I admin it on the back end, and the host provider runs their entire business – don’t have time to censor and run bots to check up on what kind of content I put on my blog, nor do they prohibit adult content so they leave us alone. I know when stuff gets deleted or doesn’t meet my site community standards bcs I decide those rules and not some business that needs to please the entire world.

    That said, so now how do you know who is handling, seeing, the pics you uploaded to your FB album since they have been “disallowed”? Did they delete them? Hmmm….

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