Testing a new web site platform

(the old platform re-installed actually, before this blog).

Several people mentioned this WordPress blog layout being difficult and confusing to navigate. I agree. It’s great as a blog if that’s all it’s going to be used for. I find myself using the search option to find shit I know I posted or made a page about on here, and I’m the fucking admin… that says a lot. So I re-installed the old PHP-Fusion content management system and am configuring it, testing it, etc..

I also installed a newer, the latest apparently, version of the same software to also check out the look and feel. The best option is always to go with the latest version, but sometimes that look and feel can have an impact on things. So it’s here at THIS location.

5 thoughts on “Testing a new web site platform

    1. Thanks for checking i tout. As of today I put a link (above in original post) to a version 9 of the same software… to compare version 8 and 9. Check them both fan and tell me what you think.

  1. I side with WordPress, this blog. Only because I’ve followed the changeover of sites from the others to this, and back, and to this again. I know this one is easier to manage because it stays updated in the coding compared to the other.

    1. It is, WordPress is so easy. PHP-Fusion has many things to consider. But… I can’t get away from wanting that distinct true CMS separation of photos/videos, blog, discussion/posting area for text (with attachments), file downloads, weblinks, etc..

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