Site Info#

Main site is like the home safe to keep important documents and family records. This ‘private space’ is like a secure vault to keep things the family in general shouldn’t get into, secret things only wife and I know about and very close friends I or we choose to share with. Yeah, okay, it’s more or less my virtual man cave where not everybody in the household has free movement within, and most of those not part of the household even having entrance to. If it were physical space in the home, it would be my space with an external door. I can allow (known) friends in from the main house living area, and I can invite others thru the external door from outside for those who don’t need to come thru the house or don’t know where the house front door is… or, those with whom I might share my private area entertainment and not show them the family main house stuff. Whatever, that’s the analogy of it. Anyway…

In my private ‘man cave’ I store stuff I don’t want “mixed in” with the main site content. Stuff meant for more mature minds and thoughts. Some extreme, like violence or adult language. Some are more very progressive in ideas. Some blatantly sexually adult content of my favorite flavors. And of that, some left unseen by the public eye. Some stuff for just ‘the boys’ sharing ‘coz the girls might get offended. Some sharing among the boys about the girls!!! 🙂 (oh yes we do!)

It’s pretty much storage and blog posts/pages that for one reason or another I don’t want intermingled with the main site content.. visitors can figure out what the scope of that means.

  1. Journal thoughts, notes, entries that I made/make that require more restricted reading.
  2. Video clips and images that are more extreme, some shock and awe type, like the vids I collected and keep ‘to never forget’ of the Iraq beheadings, terrorists blown up, shit like that.
  3. Extreme curiosity content similar to the ‘never forget’ types, like footage of real, gory tragedies.
  4. Adult type (sexual, erotic, downright naughty and nasty) content that I take a particular liking to (and reasons for the liking).
  5. (Adult Group Info)
  6. (Adult Group Info)

Site Access is a Graduating Tiered User Group basis. The “HIGHER” the group a registered site user is in, the more access.
Revisit this page and section if you get added to a new group. More info will be visible to you for that and possibly other groups.
I emphasize my site as privately owned, funded, operated, etc., with no responsibility to uphold any user/owner businesss-like expectations. Don’t demand shit, don’t bitch about what I require for added group access. Again, it’s like letting people knocking at the front door into my home, letting them into my private and personal area. It eventually becomes such that you know who I and my family are, etc.. I require that knowledge of you up front as the user group accesses state. I need know a little about you to know if I want to let you in the front door. Obviously we need some exchange of understanding and personal knowledge of each other before you kick back and relax in my family room. And even more to peruse my man cave. Same shit.

Can’t agree to the rules of engagement, please see yourself to another destination.

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