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site logoThis is a Member/User Group restricted site with specific qualifications, conditions, and requirements for full viewing access. If you have no intention of being a member, don’t waste your time here. You’re not going to view/read/see much.

This ‘private space’ is like a secure vault to keep things the family in general shouldn’t get into, secret things only wife and I know about and very close friends I or we choose to share with. It’s my 6 degrees of separation from my main, family oriented, website. Yeah, okay, it’s more or less my virtual man cave where not everybody in the household has free movement within, and most of those not part of the household even having entrance to. If it were physical space in the home, it would be my space with an external door. I can allow (known) friends in from the main house living area, and I can invite others thru the external door from outside for those who don’t need to come thru the house or don’t know where the house front door is… or, those with whom I might share my private area entertainment and not show them the family main house stuff. Whatever, that’s the analogy of it. Anyway…

sticky I also lend the use of this site to support a certain Facebook group. Since Facebook has community rules/standards that said group is not purposed to always stay within those requirements, this site is the outlet for that stuff.

In my private ‘man cave’ I store stuff I don’t want “mixed in” with the main site content. Stuff meant for more mature minds and thoughts. Some extreme, like violence or adult language. Some are more very progressive in ideas. Some blatantly sexually adult content of my favorite flavors. And of that, some very personal, private, and intimately secret. Some stuff for just ‘the boys’ sharing ‘coz the girls might get offended. Some sharing among the boys about the girls!!! 🙂 (oh yes we do!)

It’s pretty much storage and blog posts/pages that for one reason or another I don’t want intermingled with the main site content.. visitors can figure out what the scope of that means.

  1. Journal thoughts, notes, entries that I made/make that require more restricted reading.
  2. Video clips and images that are more extreme, some shock and awe type, like the vids I collected and keep ‘to never forget’ of the Iraq beheadings, terrorists blown up, shit like that.
  3. Extreme curiosity content similar to the ‘never forget’ types, like footage of real, gory tragedies.
  4. Adult type (sexual, erotic, downright naughty and nasty) content that I take a particular liking to (and reasons for the liking).
  5. A collection of real adult kinds of photos and videos of friends/people I know as real and not internet anonymous people, fellow islanders and their other halves sharing naughty with me.
  6. Sharing in return with friends, photos and videos of Lynn and me and our sexual adventures.
Site Access is in a successive Tiered User Group basis. Registered members of the site may be in the default ‘Subscriber’ level after registering, or may be added to user groups: Member, Adult, Private, Secret (there are additional special purpose groups for other content). The “HIGHER” the group a registered site user is in, the more access.
I emphasize my site as privately owned, funded, operated, etc., with no responsibility to uphold any user/owner businesss-like expectations. Don’t demand shit, don’t bitch about what I require for added group access. Again, it’s like letting people knocking at the front door into my home, letting them into my private and personal area. It eventually becomes such that you know who I and my family are, etc.. I require that knowledge of you up front as the user group accesses state. I need know a little about you to know if I want to let you in the front door. Obviously we need some exchange of understanding and personal knowledge of each other before you kick back and relax in my family room. And even more to peruse my man cave. Same shit. As successive groups, restrictions are coded in place. Subscribers cannot see Member, Adult, Private, or Secret group content. Member group users can see subscribe level content but not Adult, Private, or Secret group content. Adult group members can see Subscriber and Member level content but not Private, or Secret group content. And so forth. Some users I may put in more than one group. Depends on what you share and the ‘friends’ factor. So rest assured that when you share your most private and genuine personal info with me at the Private group level, no one else who is NOT in the Private group has access to it.
If you can’t agree to the rules of engagement, please see yourself to another destination.
VISITOR. You’re not registered on the site, or not logged in.
SUBSCRIBER. Registered user and nothing else. I share very little with subscriber group ‘coz to me this level is like a stranger danger alert! It is also the basic, default level most people who register on the site out of curiosity and then do nothing stay. I eventually delete them as they contribute nothing. If you want to stick around, enjoy, share, participate, join the MEMBER user group.

** There is very little to no reason for you to stick around at SUBSCRIBER group level. Plus, you show you’re not willing to tell a minimum bit of information about who is accessing my site. Don’t be surprised if I delete your login after a while. How long that awhile is, not sure. But I will eventually.

MEMBER. Since this is my Private Area, meant to separate NSFW and more content from my main site, MEMBER level opens view/access/sharing of the more NSFW and inconsequential adult and mature content.

Fill out your user profile completely either by clicking here or follow this:

  • On the front page Top right column under “Meta”, click Site Admin.
  • Click Profile on the left column.
    Provide this information in your profile:

  • Provide your first and last name (real name!).
  • In the website field, enter the link to your social media profile. This, if you intend to do anything more than sit at subscriber group level.
  • Biographical Info field, explain a little of your interest in this site (why you registered), where from, and your background relative to the site theme.
  • Upload Avatar. Upload a photo of yourself, 120×120 pixels at most (or somewhere thereabouts). Not some BS icon or logo, of you! It can be edited to be darkened to maintain anonymity, but just barely.
  • Email me to request to be added to the MEMBER group.

I’ll add you to the MEMBER group once I get your email and I see your profile is filled out.

VERIFIED. Verified group is for verified unaccompanied users. Verified meaning photo ID verified as to who you are before I share any more than anonymous web junk stuff and inconsequential stuff. Accompanied meaning single or otherwise solo in rheir revelation. REAL adults join this group. By unaccompanied I mean solo (mostly male), unmarried, or otherwise bring no one else in verified erotic content. Adult, erotic, sex photos/videos of themselves, full cropping so real faces in the photos are recognizable and verifiable by the photo ID. Post question or email if you need further explanation.
If you want to share with me at this level:

  • Email me FIRST to get the password to the protected File Upload Page
  • Upload your photo ID, as in driver’s license, other photo ID. Ideally issued local to the island to verify your connection to the island. Kinda like if you provide a Texas driver’s license and don’t have a recognizable island/Chamorro surname, I may tend to ask for more details of how you’re connected to our demographic.your Photo ID file.
  • 8-10 clear, at least 1024×768 resolution photos
  • Must clearly show your face, in same photos cropping as pussy/cock. No genitals only shots.
  • Video clips would be nice!
  • Full reveal of pussy/cock, open cunt, sex acts.
  • Submit your request for VERIFIED Group addition.

Getting VERIFIED group to PRIVATE and SECRET requires a leap of faith and trust on YOUR part, not mine and the others in those groups. Because requesting to join these groups will ask a lot of you in that regard. Many have asked if they can join first. F that, I’m not revealing us and then the invitee backs out having discovered who we are. Visual analogy: There are real people in the room nude. You need to come in the door into the room nude. You don’t come walking in fully clothed, look around at all the nude people, and then decide if you want to undress or not. I am very interested in sharing. There just needs to be an establishment of integrity, honesty, and mutual acknowledgement of privacy.

If it interests you and you are honestly all in and not curiosity bullshitting,

PRIVATE. Private group users share their “secrets”.. photos, videos, info about who they are. My associate friends I call them. Not necessarily people I know personally, but friends enough who share intimately. I share my stuff of me and my wife with some PRIVATE group users, but not all. Depends on my comfort level with them… you… in which I add you on to my SECRET group where I keep my and Lynn's photos and videos.

Private group is the same as Adult group but for committed relationship (married etc.) couples. I look at those who are otherwise in conventional marriages, raising family, social standing, professional community people, etc. Special shielding/restriction of info from the singles who may be a bit more carefree in stuff and therefore could be a privacy risk…

  • Email me FIRST to get the password to the protected File Upload Page
  • Upload your and your spouse’s/significant other’s erotic photos and videos. Minimum requirements:
    1. Photo ID, as in driver’s license, other photo ID. Ideally issued local to the island to verify your connection to the island. Kinda like if you provide a Texas driver’s license and don’t have a recognizable island/Chamorro surname, I may tend to ask for more details of how you’re connected to our demographic.
    2. 8-10 clear, at least 1024×768 resolution photos
    3. Must clearly show your faces, in same photos cropping as pussy/cock. No genitals only shots.
    4. Video clips would be nice!
    5. Clear photo ID of your significant other who is in the photos/videos. Identity must be verifiable.
    6. Full reveal of pussy/cock, open cunt, sex acts.
  • Complete and submit the Request Form for the PRIVATE group. Answer/fill it out completely. This is the info I want to know about you and yours.
  • I’ll create a friends and family pulldown page of you and yours, add you to the group, and you’re in!

Yes, I know. Many won’t do it. But you’re coming into MY HOUSE asking for access to MY PRIVATE AREA. This is what I require to know I can trust you and establish mutual understandings of reciprocal trust and confidentiality. If you can’t deal with it, don’t. Period.

SECRET. I trust you with the confidence of my and Lynn's most private and confidential sexual secrets. Photos of us, of her, totally erotically sharing and showing. Our secrets of me watching her fuck other guys. Everything I expect from those who want to join the higher level user groups to share, I share of me and mine. Explicitly. Sexually. Genuinely.