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Ai adai some of my friends who come here can’t find their way. So here, tips on how to get around and not be lost in here. The purpose is to post and upload to share in those posts. Sharing is both ways. This is a big page since I put images for the visual part of tips. Don’t wear out your scroll button.

Points about the main page…

About Info Pulldown Menu

Friends/Others Pulldown Menu

Pervie Stuff Pulldown Menu (if you are able to view it)

User Tools Pulldown Menu

Site Admin NAVIGATION Menu Option
You can click the SITE ADMIN link in the Navigation section to do other things like upload photos, videos to the media cetner, view your posts if you made any, add new posts, manage your email subscriptions.

Any questions or confusion, leave a comment/reply. Esta, so are we good???

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