She acknowledged showing to friends

It’s not unusual at all that Lynn and I talk shit, talk heated and hyped fantasy role playing stuff when we fuck. Last night, our New Year’s Night fuck session, wasn’t much different. She played the “I’ll fuck your friends”, “I love fucking other dick” dialog. The one thing different that got my cock raging hard as I stroked her was a different, more reality acknowledgement twist (in heated, heavy breathing talk):

Her: Yes baby I want other cock, I want to fuck other men. I want to fuck our male friends.

Me: Will you be my slut for our friends to know and exaperience mounting you?

Her: Oh yes, I want our friends to know I’m a slutwife and to all fuck me, all your and our friends.

Me: I want to show them you’re a slutwife baby.

Her: Yes baby show them all my pictures and videos of being a slut, let them see me spreading my legs.

Me: Can I show them honey, can I share your pics and videos?

Her: Yes baby I know you already have.

Me: Why do you say that?

Her: Because I know you baby, you’ve already shown our friends pictures of me, showing them my pussy. I know you.

While we have shit talked me sharing pics and videos of her, and her in the heat of the talk saying go ahead and share and she doesn’t want to know who has seen her, I’ve never admitted to her that I really have. But… my wife knows me better than anyone. She knows I have for real, and she knows in her mind that some of the friends that we/she chats with, talks to, messages with in alum chats, knows what she looks like between her legs. Some have hard-ons wanting to fuck her. She just doesn’t know exactly who. I think that arouses and intrigues her, not knowing exactly and potentially potentially who they are.

So this is to you my slutwife, I love you babe! Guys, take a look, sample pics of my wife Lynn, your former classmate spreading her legs wide to show you her womanhood. Comment on what you think!!

restricted photo or video

She makes her own decisions of course, but her shit talking about being wiling to fuck our male friends and old classmates is not pure shit talk… she is open to it but decides on her own as to who she is willing to spread her legs for.

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