• Mainly moving my (of me and mine) content to a back area portion of my familia site so you share with me only if you know me in real life
  • Probably flattening the user groups to one or two, you either see all or see little, no in between
  • Getting rid of do-nothing user groups and users who just linger with no purpose on the blog
  • Debating 86’ing non-active users, to include Private/Secret level users who have stale/dormant pages and content

I also will say that, originally, my mindset was that of secretly sharing my and wifey’s sexual adventures, both stories and photos/videos. And that of then inviting others who would do the same, at the same level of reveal in private, to share mutually. While that mindset started out so awesomely with fellow islander couples, and some accepted singles, sharing, I guess things evolved to where most these days are too skeptical of that internet bogeyman finding their content and are scared shitless. Some prefer to do their sharing on other more “publicly” available platforms as if it’s more secure (it’s less actually since y’all don’t know who is behind those web servers seeing your shit, and many actually actively look at user content to police up ‘unacceptable’ content).

Whatever. I’m going to morph this blog into a ‘my thoughts, my ideas’ place to thought dump with no restraint. Those who feel the desire to join in can do so in the same way. Those who don’t and want to peek, pry, into what they can see can do so from the outside but won’t get in.

This WILL include all previous PRIVATE USER GROUP members who no longer participate or refresh their shared content.

2 thoughts on “Rearranging

    1. Yes. Not a disassociation at all, just location separation I guess, with a closer association of my private stuff to .

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