Question: What’s your favorite naughty thing to do? Are there any pictures?

Ironically, the question mentioning naughty thing to do and pictures goes hand in hand in how I would answer.

My favorite naughty thing is to have photo and video session with my wife, mainly featuring my wife, posing nude and explicitly erotic exposures. The mindset and maybe fantasy, maybe reality, intention of sessions is as if photo layout to show chosen friends who know us, know her. That is my turn on, showing old friends who have known us and particularly her, since school age days and would only now be discovering her in a sexual way. In videos, she openly invites (meaning she talks about in the video) friends to look at her opening her legs, to see her womanhood, and offers any of our friends who get aroused and want to fuck her, to talk to me about arranging it. She confirms on video that she is willing to fuck them.

I share these, in non-edited and fully identifiable face version, to very select friends. Not openly public, and not without good faith first revelation reciprocation. Meaning if I know the interested man to be an old friend, he needs to show his hand first… full length photos recognizable face with erect cock… or better jackoff and spurt video and talking to my wife by name… before I expose her. Showing his video to her excites her and usually convinces her to trust him enough to fuck him.

The talk and intention of fucking our friends is likely 99% fantasy. But.. one friend who fits that category of old friend/classmate is sharing with us and she and he are mutually interested in fucking. We just have some geographical distance issues to solve, if even for a night…

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