Question: I want my wife to be with another man then come home to me. Do you think this is strange?

To those who subscribe to and live by conventional norms of man and wife, yes this is strange, perverted, and usually unacceptable behavior. For those married to each other who define their own rules and acceptable behavior within their marriage, it’s no one else’s business.

My wife and I have been there, for the experience. Mutual agreement. She went out and met another man and then came home to me. And vice versa. We haven’t done it often, and we didn’t/don’t do it as a consequence of any open relationship. It is as permissive situational circumstances.

We are and remain happily married for years, many years, now. Our marital and emotional bond to each other could not be stronger and more sexually understanding.

3 thoughts on “Question: I want my wife to be with another man then come home to me. Do you think this is strange?

  1. I will be honest here. I do talk a lot of smack in fantasy mode of doing threesomes and group sex with my wife as the center female of attention. It turns us both on to talk and role play about it. In a recent situation where one of my friends started getting flirty with her and her flirt back, that evening we role played and she brought up the idea of her fucking him as she wanted him. The role playing was awesome. But the thought of being on the verge of saying go for it and making it a reality scared me. Would he be better than me, would she enjoy him more, would she enjoy if he was bigger and therefore felt better inside her than me, and that’s something I can’t change in my ‘presence’. Hmm. Role play goes on, we fantasize but I haven’t yet agreed.

  2. Takes time. We took a leap of faith and it was hard at first, but eventually enjoyed the experience.

  3. Yes sometimes going past that “point of no return” for the first time is a gamble, scary. And to me, what helps in the decision to cross that point is totally dependent on the strength and bond of the relationship.

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