Question about having had BBC

An interesting question I saw on the “Q” platform that I answered asking if anyone has had BBC. I think it was targeted toward wives. Thought I’d share even tho I tell the more intimate version of the story in my journal…

I’m the husband of my side, so speaking of my wife… not necessarily for. But.. yes my wife has. One BBC many times, many nights. He wasn’t the biggest, judging by what’s seen on the web of other couples sharing with BBC. But he was significantly bigger than me.

I’ve asked her many times how she enjoyed the other man, the BBC. When not in the heat of lust she often would downplay her responses so as to make it sound like he wasn’t significantly better, bigger, etc.. When in the heat of the moment she would say all kinds of things as if he was far superior in performance and manhood than me, hyping it up to my pleasure.

In my reality, she doesn’t need to ‘tell’ me the true answer. I saw and heard it many a night as I watched them fuck. Her oohs and aahs as he would enter her confirmed to me he was larger; her uttering to him ‘oh right there, touch me deep’ told me he was pleasuring her deep inside her where I rarely, if ever, reach. The fact that their/our trysts with him were more than one or two, or even a handful of times, but that she thoroughly enjoyed having him join us in bed for over two years on an almost weekly frequency, told me a lot. And… her willingness to fuck him in almost any way, anally, suck and swallow him orally, withholding nothing to be savored as sacred only between her and her husband but doing everything with him, even as I watch as they passionately kiss and whisper things in each other’s ear as they rock together, told me all I needed to know.

He wasn’t a stranger BBC whom we searched for, found and hooked up with. He was a fairly longtime close friend of which the friendship turned sexual. We all also knew the time we invested in our adventures would come to a stop as he moved away eventually (military). Things may have been different, me being much more cautious and apprehensive, if the situation was that he would be around us indefinitely. Wife and I knew that might have become complicated.

I’ve shared our story a lot but have said this rarely: I believe they were lovers emotionally, and she loved him in a different way than me as her husband.

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