Playing with Fire Feeling warm

It’s been making me think, in an almost funk – yet aroused at the same time. The forbidden apple tree has borne fruit again, and I (as well as Lynn) have nibbled on it, as if having forgotten its alluring taste or relishing in tasting it once again.

It first happened when Lynn and Nick had their weekend liaison in New Jersey. They had their pleasures without me (Lynn’s decision), and then ensuing letters and calls of infatuation and lust for a while after that culminating in another tryst on Guam 6 months later.

The second time was between the two of them again after we rekindled, as MFM wifesharing and not them alone, the adventure. She started attaching and broke one of our ground rules of always doing things in front of/with me so nothing was only between them.

Both those situations caused major friction between us, while at the same time feeding our sexual appetites, or at least mine, because the promiscuity of it turned me on.

Now… the lovemaking between Lynn and Mel is new nibbling at that apple. They fuck so nasty as I watch and get off. But seems they go into slow intimate lovemaking as a second phase, and the last time with me not there, they made love the whole encounter apparently. It tugs at my heart, at my manhood that another male is making love to my wife. And more so my wife is welcoming it and making love back. It turns me on because it is taboo and forbidden… my wife is making love to another man.

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