Oh the Upgrade Comments People Have

Compiled for food for thought, both myself and others… the Real Comments collection: I refresh the posted date on this periodically to “bump” as a continued relevant reference…

I am just curious and don’t have anything to share.
Sometimes I respond, sometimes I just delete… if one cannot understand what the site’s about, that’s already proof of a risk to our privacy!

I registered before, and now I couldn’t login and had to register again.
Probably you registered, did nothing else to become at least a member group level, and hadn’t logged in for a while. That doesn’t show any intention but to ‘lurk’ in the shadows.

Let me have access first, I want to see who is in the membership and then I’ll upgrade and be private. You show me first.
This is funny. No. You prove your sincere intent by upgrading. I understand if you want me to take the first step. I already have, or else you wouldn’t be staring at my site ‘front door’. The next step is actually yours. Take it or leave it.

I really want to share. I’m single/don’t have photos and videos of myself with a partner.
No single men. Single females yes, conditionally. Men are much more reckless with being discreet. I do, however, enjoy seeing videos of (the very few so far) men masturbating to photos and videos of my wife. We can discuss. No guarantees even after proving who you are. I have to feel confident in trusting who sees my wife’s content.

I want to share and see, and my girlfriend and I have videos of us.
No uncommitted relationships. If you are going to say you’re committed (common-law, etc.) you’ll have to convince me of that.

My wife doesn’t know/doesn’t want her photos video shared; my spouse isn’t a member on here.
Nowhere on here does it say your wife/spouse/partner has to approve or participate.

I don’t want to say and show proof of who I and my wife/husband are. I want to stay hidden.
You are definitely on the wrong blog site. I will delete you so you can move on.

I can’t reveal myself. I work in a sensitive position and would lose my job if found out.
The point is not to be found out. You protect the integrity of my information and I protect yours. Mutual assured destruction (MAD). I completely understand if you can’t risk it. If that is the case we shouldn’t even be having this exchange and you shouldn’t be on the site.

I work for (blah blah blah) very important and high visibility position. It’s too much risk to tell who I am.
I don’t need to know that. Only you do, to determine for yourself if you should share. This DOES tell me that your attitude is that you’re more important than any one of us, not knowing how many of us also are in high public visibility jobs, government security clearance jobs, etc.. We don’t need that ‘holier than thou’ attitude anyway.

I’m from a big family, my reputation would be ruined if they find out.
Your reputation and standing in social circles and among family is no more and no less important than mine and my wife’s. We would have a mutual need for protection from disclosure.

I don’t want to show my partner like that.
Don’t register on the site then. If you don’t want to share of you and yours erotically, you bring no value to the site and seemingly only want to see me and mine “like that”. No hypocrites invited.

We’re living on the island, but originally from (somewhere else originally). I’ve sent our photos/videos and ID. Why am I not accepted?
I am of the mind that if you’re not originally from the island, didn’t grow up in the social, religious, and familial culture, then you will never understand the scope and depth of our need for privacy and confidentiality nor understand the impact of it being violated. Being from small town USA, maybe it’s the same. I don’t know. But my site is not themed and based on your small town where the risk of your friends and relatives are most likely to be the ones visiting it. Unless, in exception, I know you personally as a friend can extend trust to you.

My wife/husband/spouse is from the island, but I’m not. I’m/we’re interested in sharing.
You’re welcome to share so long as you identify, prove, and SHOW your other half who has the island connection/relationship. This may include explaining a bit of the typical island 20-questions whose your relative/familial link so it’s without doubt.

I’m curious to share but we don’t do dating sites. I don’t want to share my husband/wife.
This is NOT a dating or couples swap or any kind of physical sex committal site. We just share our sexual adventures secrets. Anything beyond that is up to you and others who share outside of the site.

I have photos/videos I want to share but it’s not of my wife/husband with me.
That’s cool as long as that other person is also ID proven. You want to share of you and your achakma, no one’s judging… except judging how erotic it is.

I’m not sure if anybody on your private list of sharing is a relative or a friend I or my wife/husband know.
In my book of sharing thoughts, even more erotic and taboo sharing among known friends and even relatives. Both sides are sharing very private content. It’s not like one will see the other and not the other way around for your brother to go running to family blabbing that they saw fuck pics of his sister-in-law. You will also see fuck pics of your brother and his spouse. The only other issue is mentally being receptive of that shared/reciprocal revelation. That’s on you.

WTF I sent in pictures and ID and I am not getting upgrade, you suckering members to show and then don’t let me in!
The details of what conditions of upgrading (your and your partner info, believable and then proven!), and quality and clarity of content you share (ID can be compared and believed with photos, clear faces etc.). Again, spelled out very clearly. You obviously didn’t conform to that. So I didn’t add you to the upgraded group. It’s not on me to dig and find out if you’re for real; it’s for you to do.