Naughtiness Evolved

Yes, the naughtiness evolved from accidental peek to, well, show me!

Last weekend, da wife and I went to a kids’ birthday party at one of those indoor party bounce houses at the mall. Typical party. 30-40 Kids running around going into the bouncy castle and other stuff, cage of balls to jump into, some just running around the place, others sitting and eating. The parents, of course, sat around also eating, drinking, watching and monitoring their kids.

Wifey sat at the end of a folding party table bumped up against the entrance to one of the bouncy houses. I sat toward the other end of the same table eating pizza. Directly across from my view as I sat, a mother of two of the kids attending was standing against the wall, partly glancing at the kids’ activity and partly trying to text or play a game or something on her cell. I admired her yellow skirt, a bit above the knees. Me and my mind, right! After a while she slid down against the wall to squat, tired of standing. Hmm I caught an ‘almost’ glmipse of what she had underneath! I decided to keep an eye… she stood up again after a few minutes.

Then she slid down to squat again, this time more focused on whatever she was doing on her cell. Alas she didn’t take care to make sure her skirt covered her squat! I picked up my cell and discreetly managed a photo of her! Hmmm panty peek…

Nice! Good for nasty thoughts later. I went about my eating and kept a glance on her, watching her and enjoying the view. She continued squatting this time, for at least 10 minutes, sometimes shifting her weight from balanced on both feet to to going to one foot and the other knee raising a bit, then going opposite. Okay I couldn’t see much except her puffing panties. Nice way to spend a kids event, otherwise too boring.

From my right side this guy comes over to me, leans over and asks me if I’m enjoying the party. I answer yeah it’s okay while turning my head to look at him. As I made eye contact with him, he was gesturing looking at me and then nodding and looking toward the woman I “had been caught watching”. Oh shit, someone caught my antics. Come find out he was her husband, who was sitting at a table behind and to the right of me, where he could see his wife’s revelation the same way as I did, and since he was behind me also caught my reactions and snapping the picture! I smiled at him, and started to formulate some kind of apologetic response, where he cut me off to say there’s more visuals to enjoy not in public.

I invited him to sit, and he did on the other side of the folding table across from me. Intros, who we know that we’re at the same party. Where we live, what we do (job-wise). His wife is a teacher at the kids’ elementary school. He is a principal at another, high school. He offered that she lets him take nude pictures of her but for his pleasure, doesn’t want anything getting out because of their social stature. Her “flashing” her panties wasn’t arranged or rehearsed, purely accident. And since I was obviously benefiting from the accidental exposure he was enjoying (aroused) by that knowledge. I mumbled that it would be nice to see what’s inside his wife’s panties and counter offered that my wife take pictures too, more than just nude but very erotic angles and positions. Gentleman’s agreement. We exchanged phone numbers. A few days ago we texted each other pics of our wives.

Keeping her full face photos out of public view. Fuck if it got out he’d know who exposed them, right? And could/would show our photos in exchange. So here’s what I got to share.

2 thoughts on “Naughtiness Evolved

  1. Wow, sounds to me like that reveal was planned if you ask me. Husband just waiting to approach an interested party, strike up conversation and offer the photos for view that he really wants to share. Was there any follow on interest to do any couples swap or any sexual contact? Curious…

  2. We have traded pics and a few videos a few times, but nothing else so far. Will something else develop farther? Hahaha we will see.

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