(Na’atok) Journaling, nå’nå esti!

‘WTF does that mean, (Na’atok) Journaling’ some will ask.

So it means my journaling of NSFW and more that I want more restricted and separated from normal stuff. In loose terms anyway.

I have always had a penchant for erotica. The more personal the erotica, the better and more entertaining. My wife Lynn is not a prude about the topic either. In fact, she often obliges me in some of my, our, appetite for naughtiness. Personal erotica I said… 🙂 So this is where I put a lot of my erotica favorites. That, to keep a separation between family and friends, work, etc., normal stuff pout elsewhere. My initial approach is I don’t want (myself or others) to experience any shock of family oriented mindset in photos and videos and then come across erotic XXXSEXXX stuff in the next menu click.

Having said that and giving that separation of mindset, I, for myself, frequently enjoy almost merging the mindset and visuals. Like… showing and narrating family, innocent photos of wifey and me, referring to her siblings etc., and on the same page show a pic of her totally nude and spreading her legs, showing her vagina wide open, to contrast our outward conventional life while sharing our private, nasty secrets in the bedroom. It turns me on. For the chosen few with whom I share this level of secrecy, they may enjoy that too. Same for small things like posting a pic and saying something of ‘normal’ values and then sharing a kinky thought that it also brings to mind. I don’t want to have to post on two different sites and hyperlink to/from each top try to tie the ideas together. All on one page! Right?

Like this…

(restricted pics of family)

Isn’t that sooo nasty to show her both ways, side by side. Family portrait with her siblings, and then a photo of her erotically spreading her legs. If her siblings only knew how naughty their sister can be, and what brother-in-law lets their sister do.

So for my friends and family who have the group level, this is what this category is for.

Or nå’nå’, that’s worth a google search.

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