Merry Christmas Eve

It’s not unusual at all that Lynn and I fucked on Christmas Eve, last night. My Christmas present in it was she made specific note during the day that my present would be some extra attention… which.. she gave me longer than usual head. Awesome! After all these years my baby still does it for me! Of course we also fucked, and fantasized/shit talked, tonight being half instigated by her as to what we shit talked about.

Afterward, I went to sleep while she stayed up doing Christmasy things, wrapping gifts, etc.. This morning she told me . I need to explore that with him!!

I’m finding it arousing that Lynn and Melvin directly text/message each other and talk erotically. So far it’;s been topical/teasing level, and I’m waiting for them to get hot and heavy about fucking each other. Tho… not sure Lynn doesn’t defer that stuff to me to set up. We’ll see…

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