Lusting for Wife

I was sitting out back in the lanai smoking, as I usually do, while wifey was hanging up the wash on the clothelines. I casually glimpsed at her while on my phone checking emails and texts. Looking at her hanging up clothes, I couldn’t help but have thoughts of the sight.

(photos restricted from view)

Then I wondered why? Why do I have these lusty thoughts about her? She’s my wife, has been for many, many years… we’ve been sexually active for even longer. We’ve done things sexually to explore all aspects of our relationship, and adventures, that one would think there’s little left for the imagination to fantasize about and lust for. But I do. I lust for wifey more than I’ve lusted for any other woman. So I can’t be lusting for her in the sense of wanting something from her sexually that I haven’t had and wish for, like one might lust for another woman, another man’s wife. I mean I’ve had her (obviously), I’ve watched other men have her.

I think it’s because she is the only woman in this world who arouses me to the level that she does because we get naughty together. She does not deny me my nasty ideas. She matches my sexual tastes for the most part. Most husbands aren’t as well matched in their marriages, wives not wanting to do it this way, not in the light/only in the dark, missionary and other positions fairly conservative based, won’t let them visually enjoy their bodies, etc..

Not wifey. She’s almost always all in on my sexual ideas!

2 thoughts on “Lusting for Wife

  1. Okay just wondering how this works I must have missed something. I get notices in email (I am subscribed to new posts) but pics don’t show, says images cannot be displayed. When I check here on site it’s there. Security?

    1. Not really security. If you understand Absolute vs. Relative Paths/Links , this is why. When I post directly on the site, and when I move other people’s image and video posts files to more “secure” folders on the site, I use relative links 99% of the time. That link/URL to the files is relative to the location of the site installation. When the post goes out in email, your email does not have the entire, or absolute, path to the file. So it shows up as a broken link. When you come to the site to view it, it’s there.

      Probably doesn’t make much sense if you don’t understand absolute/relative paths. Suffice it to say, when you see an email of a post and the image doesn’t show up in the emal itself, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It just means you have to come to the site (and login first, more often than not) to see it.

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