Ipan Beach memories

Seeing this pic reminded me of long ago fun cutting class with some friends, and some girls who were friends of friends. Of the various places we’d go in the course of the day, one frequent place to park, smoke out, whatever, was Ipan Beach. Thru/past Yona, across the intersection to cross-island road into Togcha Cemetery area, and down the beach shoreline. One of those days we were chilling, parked under some pine trees and the girls were going into the water. One of the girls, Cil , decided to go take a dip and went into my truck to change into a bikini. Off she went, and when done came back to the truck. The other girls and the guys were gathered around Steven’s car, and only Cil was in my truck changing back to her “school” clothes before we left. I went to the truck to get a lighter, and lo and behold she was undressed and on her knees on the passenger seat reaching over behind my driver’s seat for her clothes. I got full view of her cunt! Wow!

So this pic ain’t the same but brought back those memories!

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