Imagine for a minute… or longer

I wonder how many husbands… my fellow islanders… can imagine their wives getting fucked by another and them watching the action close up. How many island wives would love to step out of the traditional marriages and help themselves to a different cock in them. I know there are those who do in secret, as my wife and I have been one such couple when the timing is right and the man fucking her is trusted.

Nights I would sit and watch from the side of the bed while stroking my dick, as she is spread wide accepting his cock. Watching her pussy foam and ooze fuck juices, and eventually his semen, as he humps and strokes her. I would get up and move around the other sides of the bed to watch closely. Listening as she moans and sighs, and talks to him about how she enjoys his deep thrusts. Him nibbling at her ear as he humps her deep, telling her this pussy feels good… and she responds it’s your pussy tonight, or some shit like that.

And yes she has had bigger, black cock. I think her favorite adventure by far…

I attached the video, not of us, but of things I’ve watched with and of my wife.

… wish I could share the secret, our photos and videos… with more fellow islanders who are honest enough to share theirs. Oh well…

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