Definition of hypocrisy
: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

This has happened on many occasions on here, in private FB groups, in private messaging. I get into conversation with guys from the island about adult sexual topics regarding women, specifically partners… wives. Then it gets personal and they get curious about my wife. Oh they want to know very sexually explicit details about my wife. Possibly visuals, photos and videos. Of which I have.

Cool. Prior to visual revelation and real names so as to get to know on a real level, I pose the exact same curiosities about their wives, their sexually explicit details. Most shy away from talking about their wives explicitly, but stay very general about them. WTF. They get all aroused when I talk about my wife in terms of pussy, cunt, fucking other men, sucking cock, swallowing. They can’t define their wives in that same way as if their wives are on a pedestal and can’t be talked about like that? That letting me or other men think of their wives sexually is off limits? Those fucking husbands have no fucking business in the private groups they’re in talking about others if they’re too insecure about their marriages to reveal, yet want to have others’ revelations be told. Come back when you can handle playing in the big leagues!!

In whatever light you think and feel about your wife, the mother of your children, that in your mind puts her above any other, let me remind you. She does have a pussy like my and other men’s wives. Unless she’s frigid, yes she does love to fuck. If she doesn’t suck (your) dick, swallow, get horny and act like a slut in the bedroom, well, if you’re satisfied that’s fine. But don’t come out into conversation with others – now seemingly to hear and see other wives do what you long for your wife to do.

Hypocrisy. Many are which they do not even understand.

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Yup. Total hypocrisy. Maybe it’s fear but once we experienced it, it was an awesome and exhilarating experience. Too bad others are closed minded.

  2. Yep, and seems a rare few these days (must be generational???) come out of that shell too. As well as some who were game with us for sharing a while back who now think they’re too old to be sexually liberated. WTF is that, it’s even more so now… oh well…

    1. I would think as we get more mature and secure with out lives we would be wiser and experience freedom. Oh well, kinda sucks if they get more prude.

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