Hooking up with mali

I read the post about mali putting out, and found something in question form on another site about is it common. I thought I’d bring that question here.

“Is there truth behind the popular island jokes about husbands hooking up with their Mali as if it’s expected? As if when a couple agrees to be godparents to another couple’s child, sex among them will be a part of that new relationship? Who has fucked their mali or pari?”

One reply on that other place said there is much truth or a sheer but recurring coincidence..? Me, I think there is some truth since yes it does happen often, and throughout the levels of generations. In some circles of faith it’s said that the godparents’ role is to be the substitute parents for the child. Some silently equate that to also being if one of the two parents are not around, or are insufficient, the godparent substitutes responsibility.. some take it to the extent of performing or assisting in male godparent substituting for male parent when female parent is in need… of sex. And vide versa. I also think that when godparents are chosen by the parents, this is, however mildly or strongly, a consideration.

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