Form Request – Private Group

Before starting, make sure you understand what you need to upload for joining! Upload all your your Photo ID, photos and, if any, video files HERE BEFORE submitting this request. I'll ignore this request if not all required files and info is received!
Username/Alias you Registered with and the username you requested ADULT access with. They Should/better be the same...
Identify your other half. Include maiden family name.
city/state, village etc. where your partner is from.
What your relationship is with your other half in this request.
Are you both married to someone else and playing with each other? You're single/unattached and she/he's married, etc.. Is she your mali, etc.?
What are your sexual likes and experiences?
Your fantasies, interests in possible future experiences, etc.
If you don'r mind anyone interested contacting you, choose how to be contacted.
Enter your contact info if you want, like a phone number, email address, social media platform info (like Facebook, etc..
Check the box to agree and confirm your commitment to this.