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I’m (hidden), originally from (hidden). My wife is the former (hidden) from (hidden). I went to (hidden) class of (hidden). She graduated from (hidden). We now live in (hidden). We started as a “conventional” monogamous couple. After some events in our relationship/marriage which led to more “progressive” thinking, I began sharing her with select men, and she opened up to fucking other men, enjoying the variety in bed. We began and raised a family while doing threesomes here and there, well most her screwing men and me watching (my kink). Kids have no clue (as far as I know) Mom has been a slutwife. Nor do our circle of friends and family, minus a very, very few with whom I’ve shared the knowledge. Anyone want to join our secret circle and share? Either of you and spouse, or just you in the way I describe below?

I’ve been nudging myself to post a little more, post more ‘visuals’ of the intentions, in the Facebook group that is focused on island participants. I’ve dabbled in showing much more in other platforms (Quora, AFF, ZOIG, etc.), but seems few from the island are alive in those platform profiles. Same can be said about most in the FB group, just lurking and ogling, hoping for what they can find. Others fantasize about the topic but in their daily lives don’t have that… wife is closed down about it, or too reserved to divulge much. So be it. Me, my intention?

  • I enjoy sharing my and wife’s sexual secrets, real life, reveal who we are in daily life, and show/tell what we do behind closed doors. That to the extent that anyone I share with who already knows us, friends, acquaintances, maybe relatives, discover us and our sexual secrets.
  • Men who have known me, or her, or both of us together, get to see us totally revealed, see what Lynn looks like erotically, both posing and in actively fucking mode. To have known us/her all these years and to discover our sexual side
  • sketch

  • Women friends who have known us make the same discovery and see how slutty their longtime friend, classmate, is and possibly loosen up their own outlook on their sexuality and share.. for my discovery of them sexually. Friends’ wives whom we may or may not have met, seeing them so sexually is my reciprocation pleasure.
  • Many men want to see my wife but claim their wives aren’t into it, their wives won’t approve showing their pictures/videos. I never said they have to approve. Share or don’t approach the idea with me. WTF are we, kids that gotta get momma’s blessing???
  • Lynn herself takes wild and erotic photos and videos, as well as having let me shoot video of her fucking other men. They’re meant for my pleasure only. She doesn’t want me to show others. She also knows me so well that she knows I will. Not to the world. Not to most. But to some, select few. Whether she wants me to or not. She doesn’t want to know, if I show her to men, who those men are. Understanding that I will show some, she is aroused at the idea that when we go to social functions or are out in public settings, there may be men in our company who don’t say a thing but have seen her sexually and secretly may be looking at her in that public setting visually undressing her and thinking they want to fuck her.
  • sketch

  • I have done a few bedroom videos of Lynn on the bed, spreading her legs, opening her pussy to show the camera, and vocally inviting our friends to see her, look at her womanhood, and tell her if they’re interested in fucking her. 90% fantasy. She doesn’t want a line of all our old classmates waiting their turn to mount her. She hopes no one will. But again, her knowing I might show a few select trusted friends, she would decide who she is willing to fuck, who she is willing to let know her in the carnal sense. She is not totally opposed to fucking those she may have interest in.
  • I want, as fantasy turning into reality, a close circle of selected male friends, to know my wife sexually. For her to be secretly known within that close circle, as the wife who fucks them, spreads her legs. For my friends to have first-hand knowledge of what’s between her legs, that my wife likes to suck cock, lick balls, swallow cum, takes it anally, lets them cum inside her. And, within that circle, tell the other guys that my wife is a pass-around slutwife. Those friends whose wives won’t play enough for the men to share explicit pics/videos but truly want to see their old friend, my wife, sexually then do video selfie jerking off and showing themselves shoot their load. Full reveal. My wife has enjoyed the surprise discovery of recognizing the man in the video as her old classmate, seeing his cock for the first time after all the years, seeing him masturbate knowing it’s for her, and the visual of him ejaculating. First time we did this she was convinced that she wanted to fuck her old junior high school classmate.
  • sketch

  • I do solicit others, not currently within that close circle of trusted friends, or in our general association of friends of which I carefully being into the trusted circle, to show their intent to get to know us as we get to know them and their wives. Full disclosure in video and photos. Not meet up cold as stranger as many want to do. Put their shit on the table to get into the game or don’t sit at the table. Many say yes they’re in the game, but I show full disclosure first. Bullshit. I made the first move presenting this while subject. Your move is to buy in. Try going to a discreet swing/couples swap party and ask to be let in fully clothed to walk among the nude and actively engaged couples swapping wives, wives taking multiple men, husbands seen letting their wives fuck other men. While you and your wife walk around fully clothed no mutual revelation. It may happen at some careless parties, but by far not by those that expect confidentiality. Again, those that can’t bring themselves to play by game rules are not in their league to be in the game AT aLL.

I reserve revelation of our identifying info for now, restricted but it’s on there for those with permissions. If you can’t see it and WANT to know who we are, hey join us.

Bottom line. If you have nothing to bring to the game table, don’t approach the table.

4 thoughts on “FB Group Thoughts

  1. That is an intense idea. Having your wife to be the passed around slut among male friends. Have you made her that already or still working to pass her around? Those sketch pictures are thought provoking, to be that close up and watch another man’s cock going in and out of your wife’s pussy. You have actually done?

    1. Among male friends in general is fantasy, will stay only a fantasy but she enjoys talking about it during sex. A few select ones maybe. Shared/exchanged video with one lifelong male friend of ours, no sex because of distance between our locations or else it would likely have happened.

      Oh yes I have watched her have sex with another man, at least a couple of different men. So much more arousing then watching videos when it’s in person, up close, and the love of your life is the star performer.

  2. I find it very naughty in wifesharing to let longtime male friends have her and after years of friendship find her sexually. And with friends they would be around to want more… so erotic.

    1. Yes it is. Very erotic. Very arousing. One longtime male friend who has exchanged erotic revealing videos and photos and so has finally, after decades of knowing us both, has seen “all” of her . I think having him ‘know her’ in this new sexual way is so arousing. And her being willing to show herself to him so naughty of my wife.

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