Exclusivity about My Inner Sanctum

Save from web sites past….

Let me tell you about a very exclusive “Islanders” site. Let me outline the history of it, which will illustrate what it’s about.This site is about the Pacific Islands. You can search the web and find thousands of sites about this geographic topic. Travel related sites, cultural, informational, you name it.

Oh, but this site is not about any of that. This site is about sex. Yes, I said SEX. When it comes to sex, what islanders do that is beyond “accepted” norms is taboo in the island culture. Family lines are very closely knit. Communities are small and virtually everyone knows everyone, if not related in some way. Even if you are thousands of miles away home and you meet someone also from home, particularly if you meet someone older, part of your getting acquainted includes a ritual of asking what family you are from, who your parents might be, if you are related to so and so. you know the scenario. Give the ritual a minute or so, a connection will be made between you, somehow, some way. Religion, predominantly catholic, is so tightly interwoven and engrained into the customs and traditions that it is hard to tell the difference.

I ramble thru that to make a point that the cultural values, on the surface, run very deep. The close associations and relationships make your business hard to remain your own business. Topically, your surroundings try their damnedest to dictate your behavior. Of course this does not really curtail a lot of naughty business from going on… it is just never talked about openly, rarely admitted to, and hardly ever freely shared knowledge. Secrets must remain secrets because the whispers travel faster thru social and family grapevines than the speed of light.

So what does any of this have to do with the price of impanada? Just follow for a minute if this theme is interesting to you, or at least arousing your curiosity.

My honey and I are both from the islands, which one isn’t really an issue right now. Anyway, we’ve both spent time away from home, off island. In that time away, we have had experiences. Sexual experiences. We’ve done a little exploring of curiosities, had a few infidelities that we turned into mutual understandings. We’ve shared our bed with a few “third persons”. We’ve taken photos of some of the fun, and even some private home video. Some of us having fun, but mostly of her having fun with another. And I loved it. We loved it. We still indulge every so often with the “right person”.

Sure you can find couples getting kinky like this all over. On the web alone you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of sites of couples doing nasty things, wife sharing and swapping, swinging. All, however, are from the mainland US, Europe, wherever, my point is everywhere but where we are from (and other small islands and communities where cultures and values and societal ties are similar). But I know we are not the only ones from the islands who get naughty. And our secret is no fun keeping to ourselves! So a few years ago I created this site. It was to share our sexual secrets with others who are from home who get into or are curious about naughty, kinky stuff. But not on the hide and seek level of anonymity that people play on other portal sites and clubs. No, I want to share for real, down to earth, and no mind games. With people who will share in the same way.

And you know what? I was right, there are others. One couple said they have been looking for a place like this site too, to share their stories and experiences and naughty pictures. And it really makes an erotic connection to share with people who come from the same background as us, understand the sensitivity of our secrets and the need for discreetness.

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