Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Real world scenarios that could (or did?) have made for an intro into threesomes, cuckoldry, hotwifing, etc., by a local Chamorro couple. This, because they remained together and continued the marriage, so why not right?

This was told to me by his sister. Dan and Juanit, let’s call them that. Real names or not I’ll say under restricted coding. He was Army, stationed in CA (Presidio). He had gone somewhere, don’t remember where, on a trip. He came home early and found Juanit cheating with another man. Wow! But they stayed together despite her infidelity, and he moved on to retired, they moved back to Guam, all happily ever after.

So did Dan accept the fact that Juanit had craved and helped herself to another man’s cock? Was she another island wife who just had to experience black or white, or other, cock, while away from the island to satisfy her needs, urges, curiosities? Did Dan actually like the visions of Juanit copulating with another man, having her pussy filled with someone else’s jism? Did they eventually pillow talk her scenarios with the other man and it make Dan’s hard-on rage harder?

Dan accepted Juanit’s fucking another man in their marriage. Could, shoulda, would played it into wifesharing. Why not. Another man’s fingerprints and dick prints were already forever all over his wife, might as well enjoy her as a hotwife…

Story of the couple and infidelity is true… , familian . His wife is . The fact that he didn’t turn his cheating wife into a hotwife after she fucked another man (how many times?) and went running back to him was a missed opportunity.

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