Blog Not User Friendly — OMG Really!

Both LMAO and SMDH. Someone mentioned to me that this site is not very user friendly, that they’re having a hard time maneuvering/figuring out how to get around. I’m wondering how many others have had “that experience”.

OMG it’s a damned blog! Standard blog layout, same as blogger. The ORIGINAL standard layout of blogs. I guess people have become Facebook dependent or some shit and have to be served up content without actually putting thought into their moving around online. It’s a blog! It has:

  • User registration (see the right side, under Navigation). You can browse but much is hidden/restricted without registering and logging in.
  • Login. Same as above.
  • Categories and posts. Posts are what I and others put up on the blog. They are categorized into defined categories of similar topics or themes.
  • Pages. Like posts but they are separate, usually on the top menu bar across the screen, and many in submenu pulldowns.

All other stuff like user groups, upgrading to more groups, worry about that once you’re registered as a user and logged in. THEN ask about how to be added to higher groups and see and share more.

9 thoughts on “Blog Not User Friendly — OMG Really!

  1. You know me, been riding this adventure a while, when it was a DiscusForums system starting out, then Fusion,WP blog, back to Fusion, for a while PHPBB, etc.. Maybe not that order 🙂 Blog being reverse chronologically posting is good for journaling, which is what a blog is. But doesn’t sort well for different types of stuff. You gotta scroll all from latest to earliest.

    But das just me! 😉

  2. I hear ya Ron. I was just searching for a video I did to document how I did something (around the house stuff), on another blog setup not this one, and I couldn’t find it. Searching for it was a bitch since I couldn’t just go to a forum listing of threads to scan for it. So yeah I’m feeling it too.

    I think I’ll go look for a forum plugin to install and convert most of the stuff on here to a forum setup, and leave the blog part of the site for my journal type stories.

    1. I was holding my own with PHP-Fusion despite not being a coder or programmer. The biggest issue was it doesn’t have a decent blog, either built-in to the core system or an infusion add-on. And I always want one, every time I move away from WordPress, to have an area that will function as a blog.

      The other thing of course is PHP-Fusion leadership vision seems to be fragmenting, with a new major version totally rewritten, yet most users are still on the older version so they came out with an ‘intermediate’ version that’s more compatible with the old. So how many directions can they go before it totally runs out of steam and users end up with no support on an abandoned platform. I don’t want to be on that boat.

      Also, because of the different versions available, independent programmers who would otherwise be creating and putting out all kinds of great infusions to add value have given up. Unlike the old version 7 and earlier where tons of infusions were out there, it is no more for v8 and v9. Experienced users will say oh yeas you can use the v7 infusion and just add this code, change that, tweak this and that to make it work for v8 or v9. Fuck that, the very next update can easily break all that and the site goes into disarray.

  3. I stumbled into this post with lotsa comments thinking oh sex talk. DAFUQ is this jibberish!! 🙂 You can’t be a sexual deviate AND a geek!!! LOL

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