Before and after Valentine’s Day

This is not new 🙂 , and always crops up on social media around Valentine’s Day. I always take pause upon seeing it. Tho, these are “original” snaps of the natural sight.

Moving past the natural cave sites, the Valentine’s Day reference sparks another mindset. Who can relate with reference to his wife/girlfriend… or women, yourself? Would you willingly say wifey resembles the mindset framed by these pics? Come on, get into it or get off the blog!!!

Lynn does, be it after Valentine’s Day or a night giving it to me, or more so after a night giving it to someone else and I take pics of her after. Nothing unnatural about it. Occasions I made mental note of over the years where this applied… her birthdays, our wedding anniversaries, our other anniversaries. Not that there were no other nights, just that we “celebrated” a few of our special occasions this way.

It’s all good.

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