Another degree of separation

Okay nix that plan. I totally fucked up that other domain trying to export/import shit and destroyed it. So, I’ll let go of that domain and let it expire. Let’s hope I don’t fuck this one up.

It must just be me wanting to change shit around, for a variety of thought reasons. I think I’ll have this blog be sort of “public facing” for less than truly personal, private stuff. A hodge podge of stuff for entertainment of the erotic flavor. Let’s say, for what subscriber, member, verified groups are for.

The true private and proven real content I think I’m gonna move to a different, the old, currently not used for online display (has been my testbed) domain and secure it on the front end with .htaccess/.htpasswd before anyone, members and visitors alike, can even hit the front page. That way the only ones who can get in are the ones I let in with their own username/password created. Then once in, they will then have to register/login on the blog just like this one. This will be true to form of the originally secured private members only site (islandadults then aguaguat sites).

Then, only those who are ACTIVELY members (more recent photos/videos, posts and discussions) are set up to access the locked down site. Here I have a lot of private group level member pages of members long inactive, some inactive but content is totally old, etc., while I continue to post and share recent/fresh thoughts, some photos and videos, etc.. Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Another degree of separation

  1. I just saw this after noticing posts that used to be up now gone. So your moving them somewhere else? Or deleting completely?

    1. Yes, moving them (my private stuff only) somewhere else where only if you know me you’ll find them. And if you want to share at the level I want to share, I invite openly.

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