A Video to Watch

This is a video of my wife and me playing in the bedroom. I love when she gets so horny that she does it all out. Gets my dick so hard! Especially when she gets so hot, under the premise of showing the video to our friends (and yes some have seen it), she shows her face… and if you listen, she’s inviting the guys to fuck her… one of them by name. That’s what is the most erotic and beautiful thing a woman can do, is own her sexuality and show herself as a horny thing.

(This embedded .mp4 Video clip is restricted to Private group since it is identifiable)

There’s more to the story of her letting me show our friends. She doesn’t want to know who I show… she kind of enjoys the kinkiness of being at a social gathering, and wondering which men, which husbands, in gatherings, look at her knowing what she looks like when she spreads her legs. And want to fuck her. It turns her on…

Ladies, show your treasure like this. Guys, show your wife off and enjoy the knowledge of other men having hard-ons wanting to fuck your wife… I do!

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