A Little of Me

So I have said on the FB group I would share pictures, here I am. Kind of, for now until I get for real shares my way too! I would love to see others in real life sex pictures. I get very excited and sexually aroused seeing island men cock. Show me, I’m showing you. No close up dick pics, show your face and your cock if you want to see all of me!!! Come back to this page when you bump up in group to see all of me.

I’ve been on other secluded sites on the internet. Love you guys and couples who are sexy enough to show all of you. We need this freedom in private.

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11 thoughts on “A Little of Me

  1. Kind of a closed site for now, eventually opening up like the ag site if you’ve been there. If not, you should. This one more personal.

    Send pics of you and your wife, let’s share. I want to see your wife’s ****. Same as you want to see others.

  2. Looking nasty and good there! I have pics of Lynn and me, her and others, and her showing all her stuff on here. Definitely not on social media!!! My kink, to show her to friends, REAL LIFE friends, and even family if they’re tuned in to showing sex. My biggest turn-on. How to get them to prove their integrity in sharing back, that’s the problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sort of. She does shoot and video for me, mainly. She is of the understanding that I do/will show other people, in our crazy sex talk in bed I tell her our male friends, her sex pics. She says she doesn’t want to know who and doesn’t want any confirmation that I’m doing it. She says one, the reality of her sluttiness being out there scares her while it turns her on (other guys knowing what she looks like), and two it arouses her wondering while at a party or us having a party and people over, when she looks at the guys, who may have seen her pics and know what she looks like nude and spread.

    1. Hey can I see? I would so love to see Lynn's legs spread and showing off her pussy. Do I know her? Would love to discover we know each other. They way you get kinky about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Don’t know, you might. I know you and I have met before. You see who my wife is on my FB profile and photos albums, or can you not view them? Look at her in real everyday family setting. Msg me on FB send me a pic of her you captured and tell me you want to see her sexually. And… include a full on pic of you so I know you’re actually in it and not going to disappear never sharing once I show you her photos. Wife too, even if she’s not into it. Sneak and show me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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